Renatus has created two different categories our Essential course and our Accelerated Investor Training (AIT) course.
In this Course you will Discover:
How to acquire properties at Massive Discounts
How to gain access to massive amounts of private money to fund any deal you want
How to acquire property without using of your own money or credit
How to tap into 401K and IRA funds to do real estate
how to save thousands of dollars on your taxes every single year
How to build a team to leverage your time so you can do deal 24/7
How to create legal structures to protect your portfolio and make judgment proof
How to do deal and fix houses without even owning a hammer or fixing a toilet
How to find the hottest deals on houses before anyone knows they exist
And so much more and more….

March 26, 2011

NEW YORK (FORTUNE) - “Forget stocks. Don’t bet on gold. After four years of plunging home prices, the most attractive asset class in America is housing…in 35 years I’ve never seen a shortage of new construction like the one I’m seeing today.”

Are  you on the right Path?
Are you focused on the 3 Areas of Financial Freedom?
1. How to Successfully Invest in Real Estate.
2. How to Manage Personal Wealth for a Lifetime.
3. How to Build and Design your Future Lifestyle.
Some of the 58 Renatus Education Classes:
* Business Management
* Buy and Hold
* Commercial Real Estate
* Essentials
* Fix and Flip
* Multi-Family
* No Tenants, Toilets or Termites
* Retiring In Real Estate
* Short Sales
* Wealth Acceleration
* Wholesaling, Auctions and Lease Options
And so many more classes....
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